Did you know that the original cuban Mojito is served with limejuice instead of limewedges?

The mojito had his comeback 2002 through James Bond „Die Another Day“, when he offers Halle Berry (playing Jinx) a sip of his cocktail.
For a real cuban Mojito you’ll need:
60ml Rum
25ml Lime juice
20ml sugar sirup
8-12 Mintleaves
Did you know the original cuban mojito only contains lime juice instead of lime wedges?
Christos Kostopoulus, our Rum specialist, says: „I dislike the idea of the entire lime. It served no use and brings also bitterness from the skin when muddled .
A nice rum , lime juice , sugar syrup (granulated sugar works also but with the syrup you combine the ingredients faster and also you can be consistent) a sprig of mint that we smack a couple of times to open the aroma. Built the drink in your glass and top up with soda“