Your virtual cocktail guide!
The perfect way to enjoy your Drink at home


A bar is not just a place where alcohol is served, it is also a way of life. For many people, a visit to the bar is an occasion to meet, relax and enjoy. With a cocktail in front of you and surrounded by friends, you can forget the daily stress. 

In a time of isolation and uncertainty, PLOP-UP tries to preserve the essence of this lightheartedness about life, and even more so to make it accessible to everyone.

This virtual cocktail guide takes you directly to the source: Zurichs bartenders. They dig deep into their treasure chest and reveal what makes a good drink and how you can bring a piece of that lifestyle that you miss so much back to your home.





PLOP-UP consists of two components.

First, an Instagram account that provides you with recipes and creative tips and tricks, adapted to the current situation of social distancing. Its designed for people with little to no experience in the art of making cocktails. 
Second, informative virtual live workshops with local bartenders who take the time to mix cocktails with you and tell you some insights from the cocktail world. You will be able to enjoy your bar experience at home.  

NOTE: Our first workshops are already over, follow us on instagram to hear when the next workshop will take place. 




Adapted to the circumstances of COVID-19, this project was created within a very short time as a bachelor project of the course Cast / Audiovisual media by Aline Piazza.



To my supervisor Nicholas Schärer, who sometimes brought me to despair with his constructively questioning nature, but doing so always widened my horizon.

To my good friend Lareyes, who was always there to help and advise me.

To Colin Lüönd for programming the website.

To Kacper Dylak for introducing me into the world of barkeeping and letting me use his beautiful portraits. 

And to all the great bartenders and bars who spontaneously agreed to be part of my project.